Jobs in Leisure has been created by STA to connect employers with job seekers searching for new opportunities in leisure. Uniquely, it is a free-to-use job site that all employers in the UK and internationally can use to advertise and promote job vacancies. From swimming teachers and lifeguards, to PTs, engineers, and administrative personnel, Jobs in Leisure provides employers with an all- encompassing digital tool for advertising any type of job in leisure.

Recruitment in leisure is notoriously difficult, and more so since the pandemic - especially with swimming teacher and lifeguard shortages. Advertising can also be expensive, especially with the current cost of living; Jobs in Leisure alleviates this by offering leisure operators and swim schools a free way to connect with job seekers.

All jobs, no matter the qualification requirements, can be shared for both the dry and wet side of leisure operations, and job seekers can use the post-code search facility to seek out opportunities.

Start connecting, it's easy as one, two, three …

  1. Register for free and upload available vacancies.
  2. Add detailed job descriptions, contact information and an end date for applications.
  3. Personalise each post with company logos and share for even greater reach on social media.

Once a job has been uploaded, your details will be automatically stored, which will save time when future jobs, or multiple job vacancies at multiple sites need to be added.